do it yourself

Your company logos, stationery, brochures, advertising and other marketing materials work together to brand and position your small business. Effective graphic design and marketing tell the story of your unique small business in a focused, clear and consistent way.

LOGOS: A quality company logo is the most important element in any corporate identity strategy. Marketing materials and media have evolved at a rapid pace and market expectations have evolved as well. Without knowing how or why, potential customers' initial impressions about your company are highly impacted by the quality of your logo.

Out of the box, homegrown, or discount designs are recognized immediately at an intuitive level and are associated with lack of professionalism, corner cutting, and unreliability. Customers instinctively judge that if you don't care enough about your own business to invest in your image you won't provide quality services or products to them.

Developing a company logo is a one-time investment that will help shape the future of your business for years to come. You know that to compete in today's business environment you have to think "outside the box". So why would you accept a cookie cutter logo when you are not a cookie cutter company?